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Vintense Ice Americano Spritz Alcohol Free (12 x 200ml)

Vintense 0% Alc. is a healthy, natural product made from grapes. It is vinified with respect for local traditions and human labour, and then de-alcoholised using a unique method which does not denature the product.

The Vintense Ice Americano Spritz offers alcohol-free bubbles and orange of the Spritz… The result offers a subtle blend of flavours!

Not to mention our Vintense Fines Bubbles White that brings an irresistible touch of freshness.

347.50 kr Inc. tax

Additional information

Country: Belgium

Producer: Vintense

Alcohol %: 0.0

Packaging: 12 x 200ml

Bottle Cap: Screw 

Serving: Serve at 8 – 10 °C on ice with a slice of orange

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