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SPRITZ ALMARE Classico (6 x 750ml)

Aperitivo Italiano – Ready to drink

Geographic area: Produced in our winery in San Pietro di Feletto (TV), in the heart of Prosecco area in the north east of Italy
Region: Veneto
Ingredients : Glera grapes with natural selected aromas
Tasting notes: Sunset orange colour, at the nose it’s refreshing and you feel the citrus notes and a pleasant fruitiness, when you taste it you can feel the fine bubbles and the special taste of the real italian craft Spritz
Alcohol by volume: 8% vol
Serving temperature: 5-7° C
Serving suggestion: Spritz is a refreshing “aperitivo” served with ice and a slice of orange. It is always a good time to drink spritz

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Additional information

ALMARE – Authentic Italian Drink

with the new trends where people are more and more interested in light, refreshing and sparkling drinks Maschio Beniamino, with multiple years of knowledge in the spirits industry and de Bernard wine cellar, which can count over 70 years experience in the prosecco production, have created ALMARE SPRITZ!

ALMARE SPRITZ is the real interpretation of the italian aperitivo ready to drink.

  • naturally fermented wine
  • flavours from natural botanicals and fruits from Italy
  • real 100% Italian made
  • high quality selected grapes
  • less sugar = less calories = less headache
  • three Mediterranean flavors
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